Software for Admitting Patients and Creating Customized Wristband and Label Layouts When Offline

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Patient admittance software utilized when not connected to the network or when a mobile tablet is required to admit patients or make changes to layouts of wristbands and labels on the fly. The database resides on the laptop, PC, or tablet and patient admit data can later be uploaded into the hospital’s system. Easy setup and easy to use. The application can connect wirelessly to a printer utilizing either Bluetooth or via WiFi to a network-connected printer to produce wristbands and labels for patients, the lab, and pharmacy.

Especially helpful when new locations are set up that may not have network capability or when new layouts are needed on the wristbands and labels to make a patient’s current testing status for COVID-19 obvious: positive, negative, or tested but no results back yet or as other layout needs emerge in this dynamic situation.

  • Quantity: Unlimited
  • Manufacturer: AMT Datasouth
  • Model: AMT Process 24/7
  • Condition: New
  • Available for: Purchase
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 800-215-9192
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